Russian Exploring Uranium in Jade Mine
The Kachin Post / March 12, 2007

A Myanmar-Russian joint venture Victorious Glory International Ltd is reportedly drilling for Uranium in northern Burma’s Jade mine, according to the local sources.

The mining site is located Hawng Pa village of Hpa Kant Township in Kachin State. The exact site location is between 25°29'43.04"N/96° 6'26.4"E and 25°29'35.2"N/96° 6'35.02"E, according to the document received by The Kachin Post. The area is around 80 miles north west of Kachin State capital Myitkyina.

Recently, about 20 company staffs, including Victorious Glory International Ltd’s Chairman Mr. Krivoshey Pavel and managing director U Tin Maung Aye, are physically present in that mining site. The rest of the team includes Daw Soe Yu Wai (director), Mr. Anatoly Bulochnikov (chairman of Myanmar-Russian Friendship Association) and other Russian engineers, businessmen, surveyors and Myanmar interpreters.

The site has been equipped with drilling and heavy machinery vehicles, according to pictures received by The Kachin Post. According to the unconfirmed report say that, Uranium is being mined in Moehnyin Township in Kachin State and Mokok in Mandalay division. The ore is then transported to a refinery at Thabeikkyin on the Irrawaddy River.

Myanmar military government is accused of mining and refining Uranium and then bartering to North Korea and reportedly to Iran. In return, Myanmar receives missiles including surface to air missile (SAM) and also possibly ballistic missiles, and technical assistance to its own nuclear weapons program.

In early 2000, the regime purchased a Russian nuclear reactor and has reportedly sent students and military officers to Russia for training in nuclear science. Western analysts say that Russia has yet to deliver the reactor.

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