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KIO reiterated political talk
The Kachin Post / Dec 01, 2011

The Chairman of Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), an ethnic armed organization currently engaged in fighting with Burma Army, reiterated that the essential to hold the political dialogue in order to solve the Burma’s political problems.
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Evidences reveal Burma Army uses WMD
The Kachin Post / Nov 28, 2011

More than thirty villages in south eastern Kachin State of Northern Burma were affected unusual yellow-color rain mixed with unknown chemical agent, which killed green plants and insects, according to residents.
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KIO decried Myitkyina bombing
The Kachin Post / Nov 19, 2011

The Kachin Independence Organization (KIO), an ethnic armed group which has engaged fighting against Burma Army in northern Burma, stalwartly denounced the action of bomb explosion in Myitkyina on last Sunday. The explosion killed at least ten persons, mostly children, and wounded couple dozen.
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Burma Army faced heavy casualties in recent days
The Kachin Post / Nov 17, 2011

Hundreds of Burma Army soldiers were gunned down by Kachin Independence Army (KIA) during the last few days of battle in two different locations in Kachin State of northern Burma, frontline source said.
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Burmese authorities behind serial bombing in Myitkyina
The Kachin Post / Nov 16, 2011

The serial bombing in Burma’s Kachin State capital Myitkyina is believed to be plotted by Burmese authorities in order tarnish the image of Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which is warring against Burma army, residents said.
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Terrorist attacked Myitkyina
The Kachin Post / Nov 15, 2011

Ten persons, mostly orphanage children, died and two dozens were injured by a powerful bomb explosion in Kachin State capital Myitkyina in northern Burma on last Sunday evening. Two unidentified men threw a parcel bomb into a compound of a house in Njang Kawng quarter, a few minutes before the explosion, a witness said.
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Electricity back to Myitkyina
The Kachin Post / Nov 14, 2011

Myikyina, the capital of Kachin State in northern Burma, was light up again after almost two weeks of power blackout due to the civil war in that area.
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